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We are proud to treat patients from all over the world in our caring, professional, family-oriented clinic based in St John’s Wood, London NW8. Over 97% of inpatients questioned rated our nursing staff as good or excellent for their courtesy, efficiency, care and responsiveness.

Below is a selection of what our patients have said about us and our exemplary standards of care. If you would like to leave a comment about our service, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Mr & Mrs Muzsnyai

Mrs Muzsnyai came to London Urology as she needed urgent treatment for kidney stones due to the extreme pain she was experiencing. They were seen immediately and praised the attention and professionalism of Mr Leye Ajayi who fully explained the procedure and how treatment would work.

Both Mr and Mrs Muzsnyai praised the nursing staff and overall experience at London Urology, saying they would happily recommend it to anyone requiring treatment.

John Ager

John Agar was suffering with kidney stone pain and was able to be seen quickly by London Urology Consultant Mr Leye AjayiHaving been diagnosed with kidney stones Mr Agar was able to have the operation the next day and praised the treatment he received and the recovery process.

Mr Agar praised the nursing staff commenting that they would do “anything to help”.

Paul Deacon

Male sling treatment for stress incontinence: a patient’s perspective

Paul Deacon, who lives near Chelmsford in Essex, is among the first group of patients in the UK to have the male sling implanted. The 63-year-old structural designer describes his experience of stress incontinence and the male sling.

“My advice to anyone else out there suffering with incontinence would be to recommend the male sling. It is a procedure which simply does the job it is designed for. In my experience at least, the effects were immediate and life changing. I smile a lot more now. I can pick up my grandchildren again, or relax and enjoy another beer with the lads without worrying about the consequences.”

“I was 59 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Because I was fairly young, it was agreed that a prostatectomy would be the best treatment for me.

“I was told that incontinence was a possible complication of surgery. To be honest, at the time I didn’t give it much thought because your focus is all on cancer. If you haven’t experienced incontinence, you have no idea what a pain in the neck it is.

“The original prostatectomy operation itself went well, but then I became one of the unlucky few. I developed a urethral stricture due to scarring from the surgery and over the next year I needed to have several minor operations to open up my urethra.

“I knew I would need to wear pads after surgery and was prepared for that. I wore about two pads a day and it didn’t stop me from returning to work after surgery. But it was very restricting – you always have to plan ahead and know where the toilets are wherever you go. I knew that I was likely to leak if I did anything physical, like go for a walk of any length or digging in the garden.

“I was told things were likely to improve over time, but they didn’t. Eighteen months on from the urethra treatment, I started to make enquiries about whether there were any treatment options for me. I read about the artificial urinary sphincter but wasn’t keen on the idea of a mechanical device and the practicalities of working it, particularly at an older age.

“Then a friend who lives in France told me about one of his neighbours who had the male sling implanted. The man was older than me and had a more severe degree of incontinence, but the treatment worked really well for him.

“I did some internet research myself and discovered that Jeremy Ockrim was a UK consultant who is experienced in implanting the male sling. I asked my local consultants about him and they confirmed he is a well known specialist with good credentials.

“I booked an appointment with Mr Ockrim who explained that although he could not guarantee the male sling would be a success for me, he thought I would be a good candidate because my incontinence was assessed at the mild end of the spectrum.

“I had my operation in February 2012. I went into hospital at lunchtime, had my procedure around 2pm and stayed one night before going home at lunchtime the following day.

“The operation was instantaneously a complete success. Two days after surgery, I stopped wearing pads. I didn’t even need them straight after surgery – they were completely dry – but I wore them out of habit and for reassurance.

“There was a little soreness and tenderness for the first week, but nothing that I would describe as pain. For about six weeks after surgery, there were occasional twinges.

“But it is all very minor compared with the enormous benefits of this procedure and finally being free from incontinence. I smile a lot more now. Over time, incontinence really changes your life and affects you psychologically.

“Now, I can pick up my grandchildren again, or relax and enjoy another beer with the lads without worrying about the consequences. I have to travel a lot for work and I can simply drive to my destination without having to stop in service stations repeatedly to go to the toilet.

“My advice to anyone else out there suffering with incontinence would be to recommend the male sling. It is a procedure which simply does the job it is designed for. In my experience at least, the effects were immediate and life changing. I’m just enjoying getting back to normal and never having to think or worry about incontinence.”

Dr. B.M. Meeson, MA MB BCh BAO

“I have previously had renal calculi on several occasions and once again I found myself in the same sad predicament, not only with pain, but the right kidney was obstructed and my renal function deteriorating which, as a Doctor, I knew was an urgent problem.

“I immediately realised that my friends at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth would be my best option and I therefore arranged a CT scan at the Hospital for 12 noon the next day, and made an appointment to see the best stone urologist in London, Mr Simon Choong, at 2pm the same day.

“The scan indeed confirmed the diagnosis of a stone blocking the ureter, and also showed three more stones in the pelvis of the kidney. Mr Choong kindly saw me and advised me of my options and we decided on an operation the same afternoon to clear the blockage and another operation a week later to remove the remaining three stones.

“The Hospital was able to fit me in for theatre space and within an hour I was recovering from the anaesthetic. A week later I had a second operation to remove the three remaining stones and ten days after that I had the stent removed by Mr Choong under local anaesthetic with the minimum of discomfort.

“I have nothing but praise for the speed of the arrangements and the efficiency with which I was treated.  The nursing staff were kind and caring and of course Mr Choong’s treatment was exemplary, but then I knew I had gone to the best!”

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"Dear Mr Choong. Thank you for all the times (usually out of hours) we’d ring, and you would miraculously be available. Keep up the great work."

Mr Steinhart - Patient