London Urology provides a comprehensive service to all patients, offering rapid diagnosis, intervention and aftercare. Our multi-disciplinary team is led by 6 world renowned Consultant Surgeons, experts in their respective fields. We remain the premier option for private urology patients by employing the very latest techniques and treatments. Being based at a modern, private London hospital ensures access to modern theatres and imaging.

Our London Urology team treats a wide variety of Urological conditions including bladder and pelvic pain, incontinence, vasectomy reversal, erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s disease, hydrocele, varicocele and interstitial cystitis.

London Urology is also renowned for its specialist Andrology treatment and expertise in treating kidney stones.

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London Urology

"Our patients' health is paramount. Therefore we make sure that every aspect of the hospital is of the utmost quality."

Caroline Fox - CEO